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Increased customer expectations, constant innovation pressure, highly competitive and price sensitive markets, trained manpower crunch are some of the challenges in front of manufacturing companies today. Increasing efficiency in all spheres of activities is the key for success!

AIPL helps manufacturing companies to connect Shop Floor to Top Floor. We provide solutions for

Central Machine Monitoring
Remote Asset Monitoring
MIS Reporting

Industrial Automation

AIPL has an 'Industrial Automation Division' dedicated to PC based projects in industrial automation. We have handled a large number of projects in this domain over last 10 years.

For details, visit dedicated site of Industrial Automation Division (will open in separate window)


AIPL has developed considerable expertise in logistics and shipping domains. The experience is derived from working on products and projects in these areas -
Enterprise shipping solutions
Customs clearance and documentation
Carrier compliance

We provide services to software products companies in this domain