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About Us

Ascent Intellimation (AIPL), a leading IIoT solution provider based in Pune, India

AIPL is a thought leader in convergence of IT and OT. We come from a strong Industrial Automation background. We have served customers across globe for more than 10 years creating several products in industrial automation domain covering the entire lifecycle from concept to completion and further maintenance and support. The applications include remote monitoring software, paperless recorder, data logging systems, plug n play instrumentation platform, ambient air quality monitoring system etc.

We are pioneers in IIoT and developed very first version of PlantConnect platform way back in year 2006 when the Internet of Things (IoT) was not even born….our first installation in an NTPC power plant is still in production! PlantConnect platform has matured over the years and is today installed in more than 1000 industries.

Our Mission Statement

To design, develop, deliver and support relevant high tech IoT solutions to facilitate digital transformation in enterprises”

We will achieve this by creating solutions for identified market segments on top of our robust IoT platform. We will continuously engage with customers so that they can derive maximum benefits from the solutions. We will keep abreast with trends and advances in IoT technology and adopt it as required to evolve the solutions. We will ensure high quality of solutions by adopting optimum Quality System in all areas of our operations

Leadership Team

Success story of PlantConnect is scripted by Sujata Tilak and Arvind Tilak. Their vision, focus and perseverance led to Ascent Intellimation's niche position in industrial automation software space and creation of PlantConnect. 

Dr Arvind Tilak, CEO

Strategy, Sales, Operations

Sujata Tilak, MD & CTO

Technology, Products, Solutions

Product Team

They are ably supported by a strong and competent team in engineering, product support, sales and marketing.


Our technology partners and domain consultants work with us to make PlantConnect product suite more robust, flexible and market oriented. We are happy to have them on board.

Our Sales Partners and System Integrators take these products to the market and become link between AIPL and the customer. And finally all our esteemed customers are part of and the reason for our ecosystem.


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