Lean Industry 4.0.

Lean Industry 4.0.

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    Dr. Arvind Tilak - CEO Ascent Intellimation Pvt. Ltd.

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    20 May 2019

Lean Industry 4.0.

In the ’50s, Toyota, a Japanese car manufacturer implemented “lean manufacturing” approach. The idea behind this approach was to reduce activities and waste that do not add value to the process. Through such elimination, the company was able to reduce complexity and cut costs. Fast-forward today, and there is a lot of talk about #Industry40 which is aimed at connecting machines, devices, sensors, etc. to collect and analyze a vast amount of data in real time. The objective is to get actionable insights that can achieve process optimization, faster resolution of issues, reduced downtime, and increased revenue. I believe the lean manufacturing and smart manufacturing approaches can be combined to create an impactful approach – also called as Lean Industry 4.0. By deploying the right combination of smart technologies in their lean manufacturing set up, manufacturers can break silos, increase efficiencies, get real-time visibility into operations, and quickly act of opportunities. Let’s discuss to explore the endless possibilities of the combination of these two powerful approaches. #lean #smart manufacturing #IIoT

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