Hybrid Edge-Cloud Strategy

Hybrid Edge-Cloud Strategy

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    Mrs. Sujata Tilak - MD

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    06 Sep 2019

Hybrid Edge-Cloud Strategy

Hybrid Edge-Cloud Strategy Cloud has become de-facto destination for data processing and storage in IIoT systems and thus a key enabler for Industry 4.0. However, manufacturers often worry about the loss of connectivity. In such situations, we recommend a hybrid cloud-edge strategy. With this, data processing for time-critical operations happens on the edge (within the factory network), and Cloud is used for data storage, further processing and analysis. It is the best combination of centralized and decentralized models. An example is how we handle machine interlock in PlantConnect SFactory. When a machine goes down, SFactory enforces interlock on machine start which is released only when operator enters downtime reason. This entire operation is handled at the edge by our Edge Gateway and HMI. The many benefits include * Deterministic and consistent experience independent of network connectivity * No dependence on cloud for time-critical operations * High flexibility to move data as per the business needs * Easy implementation of control functions Especially in countries like India, where shop floor connectivity could still be an issue at many places, hybrid cloud-edge strategy works very well. #IIoT #SmartManufacturing #IndustrialIoT #Industry40 #PlantConnect

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