9 Technological Pillars Of Industry 4.0 

9 Technological Pillars Of Industry 4.0 

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    Mrs. Sujata Tilak - MD

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    08 May 2019

9 Technological Pillars Of Industry 4.0 


Boston Consulting Group has identified 9 technological pillars of Industry40

These include: Big Data and Analytics, Autonomous Robots, Simulation, Horizontal and Vertical System Integration, IIoT, Cybersecurity, The Cloud, Additive Manufacturing, and Augmented Reality.

Especially in the context of Indian manufacturing, I would pick these as top 3

1) #IIoT: More and more production machines, auxiliary equipment, processes and people connected with each other for real time insights and actions!

2) Big Data and Analytics: Collection, processing, and evaluation of huge data from disparate sources including machine data to gain valuable insights and use these for improvements

3) Horizontal and Vertical System Integration: With Industry 4.0, ‘single truth’ should be visible to all relevant people irrespective of their department, function and even across companies. A distributed, yet centrally available system of systems will make this possible.

What is your take? Which technologies would you focus on? Which technologies do industries rely on?

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