Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing

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    Mrs. Sujata Tilak - MD

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    26 Mar 2019

Smart Manufacturing

I would not say that there is no awareness about #SmartManufacturing in India. Manufacturers here are very much aware of the concept and understand its benefits. In fact, they are also serious about making investments in smart factories.

The real challenge starts when operationalizing the organization-wide changes. Here is a brilliant article by Ashish Saxena, Vice President and Business Head of North American Manufacturing for Wipro. In this article, he talks about the five key areas such as data and interconnectivity, technology, processes, people, and security that the companies need to focus on to ensure success.

I strongly agree with the data and connectivity, process and people part. Many companies make a mistake of considering #Industry40 as a technology project – but it is much more than that. The key lies in identifying the key processes for upgradation, ensuring a flawless execution, and measuring the KPI closely to keep improving.

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