Benefits of #Industry40

Benefits of #Industry40

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    Dr. Arvind Tilak CEO, Ascent Intellimation Pvt. Ltd

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    30 Sep 2019

Benefits of #Industry40

The benefits of #Industry40 for the manufacturing industry are pretty clear, and the concept does not need any convincing today. But what does it really mean for the leadership team? Do the leaders need to transform to adapt to the digital culture? I would say definitely yes! Here is how * The leaders need to share their vision very openly and gain support from the team * The leaders need to get the whole organization aligned with the new digital way of working * They need to lead by example * They need to foster collaboration, communication, and innovation within the team * They need to invest heavily in training and education of the existing workforce to help them make the most from the digital initiatives * They need to be agile and flexible - be ready to change the course of action as required * They need to focus on risk management and be prepared for the same How are you preparing your leadership for Smart Manufacturing?

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