Synergies Between TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and Industry4

Synergies Between TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and Industry4

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    Mrs. Sujata Tilak - Managing Director, Ascent Intellimation

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    03 Oct 2019

Synergies Between TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and Industry4

Do you see synergies between TPM and #Industry4? Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) approach aims to optimize factory maintenance to reach a state of perfect production efficiency. No short stoppages, no defects, no unplanned downtime, and no accidents are the 4 main goals of TPM, which can be achieved using an 8-pillar approach to maintenance. #IIOT / #Industry4.0 can help in meeting these goals. * Autonomous maintenance: Connected machines lead to condition monitoring & predictive maintenance * Quality integration: Continuous machine monitoring helps in identification of anomalies & reduce defects * Planned maintenance: IIoT can bring in huge cost savings in this. Adopt Just-In-Time maintenance schedule based on asset ’running hours’ measurement provided by IIoT system. * Safety, health, & environment: Many #IIoT solutions are available for SHE * Focused improvement: Data collection & analysis helps in performing root cause analysis & successful collaboration across departments * Administration: Real-time visibility into operations allow stakeholders in faster decision-making. Let us discuss whether you are maximizing TPM output with help of an #IIoT system and what your experiences are. #TPM #SmartManufacturing #Industry4 #PlantConnect

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