IoT help us in improving OEE

IoT help us in improving OEE

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    Dr. Arvind Tilak CEO, Ascent Intellimation Pvt. Ltd

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    12 Feb 2019

IoT help us in improving OEE

I get questions which translate into “How can IIoT help us in improving OEE?” Interestingly this is the first deliverable that should be targeted in an implementation and fits into overall strategy. OEE is the most useful benchmark that charts assets performance and productivity. here is how IIoT works – * Availability: With connected assets, it is possible to configure alerts of possible failure prompting proactive actions and so avoid unplanned downtime. * Quality: Monitoring and ensuring that the production processes remain within the prescribed ranges ensures that produced goods will meet quality requirements. Any deviation triggers alerts prompting intervention and ensuring quality. * Performance: Continuous analysis of data including in-depth analysis of machine usage patterns, enables managers to benchmark against optimum and expected performance. This ensures that every asset is contributing with best performance and any gaps are flagged for action. What is equally important is that the IIoT platform should enable timely alerts and actions based on alerts. We strive to make this happen at 15 interval window. Connect with me if you would like to know more about how we have helped companies improve OEE using our IIoT platform. #IIoT #Smart manufacturing

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