Smart Manufacturing - Industry 4.0

Smart Manufacturing - Industry 4.0

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    Dr. Arvind Tilak CEO, Ascent Intellimation Pvt. Ltd

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    20 Mar 2019

Smart Manufacturing - Industry 4.0

Moving to Smart Manufacturing? Here are a few ways you can prepare your workforce for Industry 4.0 * Remember that you need to retain your experienced workers who understand your factory, have the practical knowledge of the working, and know the company culture - keep them happy and engaged by making the modifications that would be comfortable for them * Identify employees with good potential and willingness and provide them the required education and training needed for higher-level of jobs and enable them to manage automated jobs * Involve the experienced and skilled employees in the training of the new recruits * Work closely with subject matter experts to create Standard Operating Procedures and develop best practices for the larger workforce * Have a robust training plan to close the skills gap and to transfer the knowledge across the shop floor * Promote awareness around smart manufacturing across all levels so that people won’t treat it as a threat Apart from the technology implementation, it is the duty of manufacturers to ensure that the workforce is equipped to make Industry 4.0 efficient and innovative.

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