The human side of ‘Industry 4.0’

The human side of ‘Industry 4.0’

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    Dr. Arvind Tilak CEO, Ascent Intellimation Pvt. Ltd

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    03 May 2019

The human side of ‘Industry 4.0’

I recently came across this wonderful article by Arun Maira who is a well-known author and a former member of the Planning Commission. In this article, Mr. Arun highlights the importance of the “human” side of Industry 4.0. He captures it beautifully by saying that “Industry 4.0 is ‘pulled in’ by people, not ‘pushed on’ to them.” At AIPL, while we design and develop technology solution for Smart Manufacturing, we always believe that the initiatives are successful only when the people involved in those understand their importance, accept the new technologies, learn the new ways of working, and contribute towards enhancement. What does your #Industry40 implementation experience say?

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