Device Ecosystem at the Edge Manufacturing Scenario

Device Ecosystem at the Edge Manufacturing Scenario

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    Sujata Tilak MD, Ascent Intellimation

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    11 Oct 2017

Device Ecosystem at the Edge  Manufacturing Scenario

In last 18 months we have done several implementations of PlantConnect SFactory in different types of industries. We have learned a lot in the course of these implementations and understood the dynamics, the pain areas as well as the sweet spots.  A picture of shop floor in the context of an IIoT system has started emerging which I called ‘Device Ecosystem at the Edge’.

Any manufacturing setup, discrete or process, has a large variety of equipment. These include production machines, robots, conveyors, utilities like chillers, cooling towers, instruments and many other types. Last, but not the least it includes people! So the edge is pretty colorful! Many Smart Manufacturing Systems only concentrate on the main production machines. But that is not enough. To make the setup truly ‘Smart’, an IIoT System has to manage the entire ecosystem of devices and people. The system also has to understand shop floor workflow and sync with it.

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