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Mould Management- life cycle monitoring & maintenance location trackingSmart Manufacturing

Molds and inserts are very vital components of molding process and are consumables and have specific life. Any deterioration in mold shape, form or any other feature impacts quality of molded components.
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In Process Quality Check Of Nutrunner OperationsSmart Manufacturing

A leading MNC and OEM of Diesel Engines were experiencing a lack of visibility into process quality of nut runner operations. PlantConnect Nutrunner helped customers to have better visibility and have
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Realtime OEE Monitoring of Robotic Production LineSmart Manufacturing

A leading multinational OEM for Diesel Engines were facing challenges with the non availability of realtime OEE resulting in lack of control on processes and productivity. PlantConnect SFactory helped
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STP Monitoring in Residential SocietiesEnvironment Data Management

PT Ecological Services Pvt. Ltd. provides complete assistance in environment services. They have chosen EnviroConnect for monitoring of STP output and online data transfer to MPCB
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Shop Floor VisibilitySmart Manufacturing

Our customer was facing several challenges on the shop floor which were all linked to 'Lack of Visibility' in operations. They chose PlantConnect SFactory for machine monitoring to get visibility of machine
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Machine and Consumables MonitoringRemote Asset Management

The company was using a remote desktop solution to connect to each machine and see the operations. However, the obvious shortages like requirement of one system per machine, lack of aggregation, heavy
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Condition based Maintenance ManagementSmart Manufacturing

This case study shows how PlantConnect SFactory helped Just-In-Time (JIT) maintenance thereby reducing cost of spares and reducing unplanned downtime
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Ambient Air Quality Monitoring in RefineryEnvironment Data Management

Installation of EnviroConnect in Kuwait National Petroleum Company's refinery to monitor Ambient Air Quality and weather data continuously. System generates various alerts and provides real time reports
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Performance improvement thru production schedulingSmart Manufacturing

This case study shows how SFactory helped customer to improve performance through production scheduling, optimization of product setup & tight control over cycle time
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Real time OEE monitoringSmart Manufacturing

This is the most basic implementation of SFactory. Just by acquiring one electrical signal from machine, we provide real time OEE to the customer. This solution can be deployed for any machine and does
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Condition Monitoring of bottling linesSmart Manufacturing

This case study demonstrates condition monitoring use case. It also shows how manual data logging is replaced by automatic data logging and report generation.
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MIS Reporting solution in dairyHistorian and Reporting Solutions

Siemens chose PlantConnect Insights for real time reporting in Sabar Dairy, Himmatnagar, Gujarat. Insights acquires data from DCS, weigh bridge, test equipment and provides reports for each production
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CPCB Server for Air & Water QualityEnvironment Data Management

Forbes Marshall is a leading manufacturer of pollution measuring sensors and analyzers. It has 1000+ installations across India in industries like cement, power, textile etc. As per Central Pollution Control
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Remote asset monitoring for OEMsRemote Asset Management

PlantConnect RAMs is a powerful solution for OEMs to monitor performance and health of capital equipment installed with various clients. This enables the OEM to give instant remote support to customers,
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Alarm Management at Electrical SubstationCustom Solutions

PlantConnect EMS (Energy Monitoring Solution) is a powerful solution for monitoring various energy related characteristics. The deployment could be at a manufacturing facility, a solar plant, an electrical
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Collection of air & water pollution data for Telangana SPCBEnvironment Data Management

Telangana State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB) has launched an initiative for building inventory of all pollutants in the state of Telangana . The project aims to acquire data of industrial emissions
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Ambient Station Monitoring in Power PlantEnvironment Data Management

This case study talks about setup of USA EPA compliant Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System (AAQMS) in various power plants of Saudi Electric Company in Saudi Arabia
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