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Alarm Management at Electrical Substation


PlantConnect EMS (Energy Monitoring Solution) is a powerful solution for monitoring the various energy related characteristics. The deployment could be at a manufacturing facility, a solar plant, an electrical sub-station, or other places where energy meters, relays/breakers, and other intelligent electrical devices are installed.

Ordnance Factory Chanda (Dist: Chandrapur, Maharashtra) is a Ministry Of Defense, Government of India medium and high caliber ammunition manufacturing unit. This facility produces explosive and non-explosive components such as initiator, primer, cap, fuze, paper components and packages. The electrical substation at this facility steps down the incoming 66kVA to 11kvA and provides this via two (2) feeders to their manufacturing division.

The highest priority at this facility, like at any sub-station, is to detect and isolate failures in the transmission system as quickly as possible. Short-circuit or overload currents can lead to severe outage directly affecting the production. The client was looking for a reliable solution to help monitor the critical aspects (earth leakage, overcurrent, trip status, etc.) of the substation. Our partner and system integrator Satyam Mechatronics Pvt. Ltd. (Nashik) partnered with us to provide a solution to this client.

Business Objectives - planned

The project manager had specified following as the most important deliverables and business objectives for the solution:

  • A cloud-base central system that should be able to store and process the data to generate reports and alerts. The primary reports expected were for energy consumption and power factor.
  • Monitor the electrical energy consumption continuously.
  • Monitor the maximum demand (MD) and be alerted if outside the range 4500 kVA – 5000 kVA. The sanctioned load is 5000 kVA.
  • Get instantaneous alert on critical conditions like overcurrent, earth leakage, and importantly when a relay or breaker has tripped.


e client did not have a proper system in place to closely monitor the critical energy parameters of the sub-station. Majority of the tasks were completely paper based, with dedicated personnel physically noting down the energy readings from the sixteen (16) energy meters at a fixed time every day. Similarly, the power factor reading was also noted at fixed intervals. There wasn’t any way to keep track of the maximum demand variation.

PlantConnect EMS from Ascent Intellimation was seen as the perfect fit solution that had the capability of delivering all the objectives laid down and more. PlantConnect has been implemented in many similar scenarios and clients are using the capabilities to fullest. PlantConnect has the required features like acquiring real time data from the energy meters, relays, and PLCs and providing alerts and intelligence on the collected data through analytics and reporting. Additional capabilities can be added as required by client in terms or specific reports, alerts and visualization.

Selection of system by client

Based on the project objectives and technical discussions, the client evaluated and selected PlantConnect EMS as the most appropriate solution for its requirement. Main reasons for this selection were:

  • PlantConnect has strong cloud based server component to handle large data load.
  • PlantConnect DAS (Data Acquisition System) module can collect data from disparate type of devices available in a sub-station thus eliminating the requirement of separate dedicated data acquisition hardware.
  • PlantConnect has comprehensive module to monitor critical parameters in real time and generate alerts.
  • PlantConnect has strong analytical and reporting features as required by the client.
  • PlantConnect is customizable to implement the specific requirements of the client.

Deployment schematic

Technical details of project and installation

The central control room at the sub-station has a PC installed with Windows OS. PlantConnect DAS is installed on this PC, and using the Modbus RTU communication driver, data is acquired from the various devices (as listed in the table below). This data is saved with the PlantConnect server installed on the same PC.

S. No.







Energy Meter (L&T)



Relay (Siemens)


Current status of the project

The client has successfully connected and tested the system with sixteen (16) energy meters, seventeen (17) relays, and a PLC (which in turn is connected to seventeen breakers). The concerned stakeholders are extremely happy with system performance and features. The system, especially the alarms and reporting features are used extensively.

Business Objectives - achieved

Client has been able to achieve large number of benefits from the solution. The following benefits were achieved:

  • Continuous monitoring: Able to monitor important parameters 24 x 7
  • Alarms: Able to define alarms to monitor situations like overcurrent, earth leakage, etc.
  • Operations: Able to change the load on the feeders (providing electricity to the manufacturing facility) by closely monitoring the maximum demand.
  • Reports: Customized reports like power factor, energy consumption, historical data, etc. These reports greatly improved their decision making.
  • Widgets: Device data widgets made crucial information available at a single place enabling quick analysis and action.

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