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Collection of air & water pollution data for Telangana SPCB

Executive Summary

Customer Name: Telangana State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB)

Focus:  Building inventory of all pollutants in the state of Telangana


  • To upload data in real time from multiple installations all across Telangana
  • To receive the data from multiple analyzer vendors


  • As per the requirements specified by TSPCB  the solution was developed by AIPL
  • The solution is deployed on a hardware server and TSPCB has created air care center for the same


  • The system is in operations since last 1 year and operating with more than 200  industries connected
  • The system is generating SMS/Email alerts for industry and regulators


Telangana State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB) has launched an initiative for building inventory of all pollutants in the state of Telangana . The project aims to acquire data of industrial emissions and other polluting entities and build a reliable data model / pollution inventory for further socio-economic decisions. AIPL is responsible for data collection from CEMS, ETP stations and ambient stations installed in various industries.

It is compulsory for ETP stations to install a camera and live data feed is sent to server for TSPCB officials

Project Objectives

  • To install and operate a central portal under control of TSPCB which will be the aggregator for all pollutant data being received from all polluting sources in the Telangana State
  • To acquire data in real time via open API published
  • To store and archive all such data for analysis and reporting
  • To generate relevant alarms/ alerts and warnings
  • To provide additional functionality for authorized users for data management and analysis as well as for generating reports
  • Access to Regional officers as per area of operation


As per the scope mentioned by TSPCB (RFP Document), AIPL developed the required solution in given one month timeline and deployed at the TSPCB head office data centre. EnviroConnect is robust and can scale from a single station installation to a nation-wide installation of hundreds of stations.

Selection of System by TSPCB

Based on the tender process and technical presentation, technical discussions with TSPCB officials EnviroConnect was selected as the most appropriate solution for the project.

Deployment schematic

Connectivity details

TSPCB required the industry pollution data in real time and without any manual intervention and industries were asked to share data in this manner.

The connectivity between client site and server is through API published by AIPL on behalf of TSPCB only

  • Vendors developing the API on their own
  • AIPL will develop the API for vendors on additional cost

Following procedure is followed while implanting the API based upload-

1. Data is acquired directly form the analyser without any other software or any other utility as an intermediate destination

2. Fool proof algorithms are implemented to ensure that the data is not tampered with in the process of acquisition

3. Local storage in case of failure of internet link must be secured storage without any access to any user

Team Information

The project deadline was given for one month and following project cycle was implemented

Sr. No.



Review and Approval by TSPCB


Requirements analysis

SRS document



Test Documents

Test plan

Test cases

Test logs



Source Code

Source code for all components with appropriate comments



Working System

Installable for all components



Security Audit

Security Audit Report

Security Audit Certificate




User Manuals

Training Material


Salient Features of System

  • Real time data acquisition
  • Historian
  • Alarms & Alerts via SMS & Email
  • Data export
  • Data Correction
  • Remote Calibration
  • Standard reports and charts as required by PCB officials, industry users
  • Video camera integration without any plug in

Current status of the project

The system is in operations successfully and is receiving live data from many CEMS and ambient stations from Telangana region. Currently 6+ vendors are sharing their client data via API developed. Many ETP units are also connected and video feed is also captured in the system with motion capture functionality. TSPCB officials are happy with system performance and features as well as support.

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