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Condition Monitoring of bottling lines

Executive Summary

Customer Name: Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd near Pune, India

Focus: Monitoring critical parameters on their 2 process lines for Pet and Can


  • A cloud-based central system that should be able to store and process the data to generate reports and alerts.
  • Monitor the critical parameters from their Pet and Can process lines continuously.
  • Generate alarms based on conditions defined and signal alarm indicators on machines.
  • Alarms beeps should get played on client browser as well so that supervisors can check the problem remotely.
  • Eliminate manual data reading and recording


  • Implemented PlantConnect since it is cloud based solution capable of handling large data loads and closely monitors critical process parameters of the lines.
  • PlantConnect DAS (Data Acquisition System) module was used to acquire parameters in real time.
  • Elimination of paper based data capture and recording.
  • PlantConnect has strong analytical and reporting features as required by the client.


Monitoring critical parameters on the process lines on continuous basis.

Real time data capture, recording and reporting eliminating manual data recording and reporting.

View critical data and alerts in real time on display boards on the shop floor and help supervisors to take corrective actions closer to the events.

Customer Background

Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd near, Pune is running 24x7 for 2 lines i.e. CAN line and PET line. It is a company into bottling operation. One of its most popular brands is Coca Cola. Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd is engaged in the manufacturing, production, sale distribution and supply of all non-alcoholic products. They also offer other beverages such as fruit based drinks for their customers. Under its trademark, the company also offers some food products in range of snacks and savories.

The global nature of their business has highest values, standards, distributors and production process for ensuring product safety and quality. The production of their bottling and delivery of product is consistent with proper system in order to meet the needs and requirements of their customers. Reliability and steadiness are critical in order to meet the global regulatory requirements.

Business Requirements

  • Continuous monitoring: Able to monitor important parameters 24 x 7
  • Alarms: Able to define alarms to monitor situations like low and high value of each parameter depending on product
  • Operations: These screens are displayed in QA lab and continuously observed by Supervisor.
  • Reports: Customized reports like Historical Data Report, Alarm Summery report and Online QA parameter report.
  • Widgets: Device data widgets made crucial information available at a single place enabling quick analysis and action with Alarm indication and audio beep


The two bottling lines are very high performance and many critical parameters in different sections like Paramix, Filler, and Warmer have to be monitored in real time.

Status indicators of work in progress to be displayed on digital boards on the shop floor and information shown should be reflected in real time.

They were looking for a reliable solution to help monitor the critical aspects and generate alarms based on customized conditions.

Eliminate paper based data capture and recording and thereby help in reduction of dedicated staff to carry out these manual entries.

PlantConnect Solution

PlantConnect from Ascent Intellimation was seen as the ideal fit solution that had the capability of delivering all the objectives laid down and more. PlantConnect has been implemented in many similar scenarios and clients are using the capabilities to efficiently plant assets. PlantConnect has the required features like acquiring real time data from the all these machines, and providing alerts and intelligence on the collected data through analytics and reporting. Additional capabilities can be added as required by client in terms or specific reports, alerts and visualization. The solution is scalable and new features/customizations can be carried out as and when the customer needs them.

Deployment schematic

Benefits after PlantConnect implementation

PlantConnect solution was very easy to install and configure. The system is running in the plant for the past 1 year. Already customer is getting results as expected. As they understand the system better, they are using it more meaningfully. AIPL is supporting the customer throughout. Following benefits are already visible

Manual data capture and recording
Before SFactory After SFactory Installation
Each line had workers dedicated to capture data, and different set of staff involved in data entry into MS-Excel to generate reports Data captured and reported continuously eliminating requirement of dedicated staff. These staffs have been re-deployed into other productive work.
  • Display of critical data on large screens on the shop floor have helped in closely monitoring the production and quick response to alerts/alarms detected.
  • It is very easy, fast and accurate to generate various production reports which are used by management. Also management has direct access to these reports. This ensures more effective control on overall operations.
  • Elimination of dedicated staff to carry out manual data capture, recording and report generation.

Sample screen shots

Online QA Parameter Monitoring Report

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