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Machine and Consumables Monitoring

Executive Summary

Customer Name: Grind Master Machines Pvt Ltd, Aurangabad, India

Focus:  Monitoring performance and health of Grinding Machines installed at various client sites across the world. Getting alerts for consumables supply.


  • High support costs
  • Language barrier for technical support as 60% machines are deployed in China
  • Losing on sale of consumables and spare parts
  • Multiple types of controllers


  • PlantConnect RAMS provides remote connectivity with machine controller thereby allowing support engineers to resolve problems remotely 
  • Remote connectivity means support engineers can get firsthand information about the problem directly from machines and don’t have to depend on explanations given by customer engineers. This is especially useful where language is a barrier.
  • PlantConnect RAMS generates alerts based on machine condition and on running hours to customer as well as Grind Master sales team. This is used for consumables and spares supply


  • Reduction in support costs:  PlantConnect RAMS makes crucial information available on dashboard enabling quick analysis and action for online support  
  • Maintenance: Able to schedule maintenance based on machine condition as well as running hours. This is a big help for customer and Grind Master teams
  • Consumables and spares: Sales can manage engagement with customers for consumables and spares  much better

Customer Background

The customer is a reputed manufacturer of grinding machines and these machines are sold to clients globally. There are large numbers of models of the machines and each one offers a different value proposition to clients. Each machine works as an SPM and as per customer requirements controller used in this machines are also different.


Grind Master wanted to strengthen their market position by offering an online monitoring solution which would enable them to provide better maintenance and support services to their customers (continuously increasing) spread across geographies in India and abroad. 

The key challenges were 

  • Grind Master was incurring high costs of onsite support. 
  • Getting accurate information from customer when a support ticket is received. This is especially a challenge for machines deployed in countries like China where there is language barrier
  • They were not getting requirements about replenishment of consumables as well as spares in time and thus losing this business to local vendors 
  • As per customer need, different controllers are used in the machines. These controllers support different protocols, bringing all of them on same protocol for remote monitoring had huge cost implication. So they were looking for a system that will have capability to communicate with all the controllers

PlantConnect RAMS Solution

The company was using a remote desktop solution to connect to each machine and see the operations. However, the obvious shortages like requirement of one system per machine, lack of aggregation, heavy costs of operations, & others was becoming a hindrance as the number of machines to be monitored were increasing. 

PlantConnect RAMS from Ascent Intellimation was seen as the perfect fit solution that had the capability of delivering all the objectives laid down and more. 

PlantConnect RAMS Server is installed in cloud for Grind Master. PlantConnect RAMS has flexible options for edge connectivity. Our Edge Gateway, DATCon is installed in machine control panel. RTDAS, our edge software, runs on DATCon, collects data from machine controller and sends to RAMS Server. Some machine controllers run on an IPC (Industrial PC). In these cases, RTDAS is installed on the same IPC, thus eliminating the need of separate edge gateway hardware.

PlantConnect RAMS has all the required features like

  • Acquiring data from controllers of different makes
  • Dashboards for machine monitoring
  • Alerts based on running hours and machine condition for prescriptive maintenance
  • Alerts for consumables and spares replenishment
  • Analytics on historical data for product improvements
  • Various reports for better managing customer support

The management and especially the maintenance team are extremely happy with system performance and features. The system, especially the alarms and reporting features are used extensively.

Benefits after PlantConnect RAMS implementation

Onsite visit and support cost
Before PlantConnect RAMS After PlantConnect RAMS Installation
Frequent visits and cost of support very high With remote monitoring significant drop in onsite visits

30% reduction in onsite visit costs!!

Increased consumables business due to timely alerts!!!

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