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Mould Management- life cycle monitoring & maintenance location tracking

Molds and inserts are very vital components of molding process and are consumables and have specific life. Any deterioration in mold shape, form or any other feature impacts quality of molded components. As such a strong
mold management solution must be available in any molding shop.



  • Lack of data driven and real time visibility of mold usage hindered optimisation
  •  Mold maintenance was reactive and not supported by data
  •  Mold location and availability was not available
  •  While using molds on different machines, previous data was not used


PlantConnect SFactory Mold management module caters for these specific requirements and users get complete
visibility on mold location, usage, life, quality of product etc.


  • Complete and data driven mold management and tracking helped all parts of operations
  • Traceability of mold improved usage and reduced costs
  • 10 – 30 % reduction in mold maintenance costs
  • Assured and sustained improvement in quality of molded components

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