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Real time OEE monitoring

Executive Summary

Customer Name: A reputed plastics parts manufacturer near Pune, India

Focus: Injection moulding machine monitoring for productivity improvements


  • Management wants to keep track of OEE in real time
  • Operators set cycle time on higher side and this results in reduced productivity
  • Machine downtime, especially in night shift


  • PlantConnect SFactory DAM acquires a single relay output from each machine (total 10 machines)
  • Alerts are generated for cycle time variations
  • OEE and production data is displayed on a large display board in shop floor area


  • Cycle time deviations have started reducing resulting in increased productivity
  • Machine downtime reasons identified and working on solutions
  • Real time OEE on display board acts as a motivator to each operator and is creating healthy competition amongst them.
  • Production in-charge is getting real time OEE and can take corrective action if it is going down

Customer Background

The customer is a reputed plastics parts manufacturer near Pune, India. They work mainly for a food products company. They have very aggressive production and quality standards.

Business Requirements

  • To monitor OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) in real time and improve
  • To track cycle time automatically and in real-time
  • To track machine utilization and achieve minimum downtime


Customer works on a very tight production schedule. They were having issues of productivity and per shift output was not as expected. On investigating reasons they found out that operators would set the machine to higher cycle time value to ensure that quality is good. Fallout of this was wastage of time and resources in each cycle and reduction in productivity.

Productivity in night shift was even lower and management suspected that unrequired downtime was high during this shift.

lantConnect SFactory Solution

Customer has injection moulding machines from many different manufacturers. Instead of approaching OEM for enabling controller connectivity, they decided to go for SFactory Basic solution. In this solution, we acquire a single relay output (pulse) which is generated in the machine for every injection cycle. SFactory calculates cycle count, cycle time, etc. using this pulse as trigger. Following is the overall deployment in this installation

  • Currently 10 machines are connected to SFactory
  • 10 more will be connected in next phase
  • SFactory server is installed on company intranet
  • A condition based alarm is defined which alerts shift supervisor if cycle time is consistently above or below tolerance
  • A large display board is setup in shop floor area which displays real time OEE for all machines
  • All other standard features are available including various reports

Benefits after SFactory implementation

PlantConnect SFactory solution was very easy to install and configure. The system is running in the plant for around 6 month as of end June 2016. Already customer is getting results as expected. As they understand the system better, they are using it more meaningfully. AIPL is supporting the customer throughout.  Following benefits are already visible:

Std. cycle time 8 sec / 10 cavities
Before SFactory After SFactory Installation
Setting by operator 9.5 sec going un-noticed Alerts for cycle time variation and corrections
Production in 8 hours: 30310 Production in 8 hours: 33880 / by operator setting
12% increase in productivity!!
  • The cycle time deviations across all the machines/products are coming down. This was achieved via alerts as well as monitoring the cycle time data and at the same time training operators. This resulted in productivity increase
  • Display of OEE on large screen in shop floor area has started a healthy competition amongst operators to improve OEE of their machines. With consistent encouragement from managers, this trend will improve their OEE beyond what was possible otherwise.
  • Production in-charge and supervisors can monitor OEE in real time and if it starts to reduce for any machine, they promptly investigate the issue and address it.
  • Exact downtime recording brings real picture in front of everyone. By assigning downtime reasons and analyzing the top reasons, they are taking measures to reduce the downtime.
  • It is very easy, fast and accurate to generate various production reports which are used by management. Also management has direct access to these reports. This ensures more effective control on overall operations.

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