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PlantConnect Platform

Internet of Things (IoT) Platform for Industrial Devices
1000+ installations in various verticals
Collecting data of 1.5 million+ parameters from 15000+ devices

IoT Platform Architecture

PlantConnect is a leading IoT analytics and M2M platform for industrial devices. It is an Edge to Cloud IoT Software that provides edge connectivity, stream analytics as well as long term analytics on historical data. PlantConnect can be deployed on-premises or in cloud. 


Connectivity to assets and machines is the most important piece of IoT puzzle. PlantConnect provides several options for connectivity.

RTDAS is our powerful Edge Software which can connect to PLCs / HMIs / controllers / instruments / sensors. RTDAS has inbuilt security, availability and remote provisioning features that ensure uninterrupted operations. RTDAS runs on following hardware platforms allowing flexibility to choose the ‘RIGHT’ option -

DATCon, AIPL's Edge Device

Cisco iOX compliant routers and Switches to use network as Edge Device

Any Windows / Linux PC or Single Board Computer (SBC)

RTDAS supports several protocols prominent amongst them OPC DA, OPC UA, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, MTConnect, Siemens TCPIP, Ethernet/IP, Euromap63 and many more. Thus RTDAS can connect to PLCs and controllers from various manufacturers like Siemens, Beckhoff, B&R, Schneider, Rockwell, Allen Bradley, Delta, Renu to name a few. 

Functional Modules

Data Acquisition

Powerful data acquisition module RTDAS capable of real time data acquisition from multiple devices at polling frequencies as low as 200 milisec. Multiple options of hardware and internet connectivity are supported.

So whatever may be the edge environment on your site, we will provide you an appropriate solution. RTDAS is fully managed and configured remotely from PlantConnect Server, so ‘Just Install it & FORGET IT’


Security is ingrained in PlantConnect platform. We believe in layered approach to security and consult you on right security level for your installation. With a combination of proprietary and standard security layers, we ensure that your data and devices are secure.

Alarm Management

Define alarms based on parameter limits, benchmarks, aggregation functions, complex conditions etc. Multiple choices for alarm notification and distribution including via SMS / email. Alarm escalation mechanism


Powerful historian for long term data and alarm storage. Data export to many different standard and custom formats

Stream analytics 

Powerful module for real time data processing and streaming analytics. Define complex conditions / rules and process on every polling cycle. Take variety of real time actions based on outcome

Apart from custom rule based analytics, these standard modules are available - real time OEE, Loss Analysis, Statistical Process Control (SPC) 

Business analytics

PlantConnect is an IoT Analytics Platform. It provides extensive analytics on long term data with powerful tools for data aggregation, rollups, statistical analysis etc. Pluggable modules to execute custom logic / algorithms. 

PlantConnect Server API will enable you to access the data storage and pull data into your own applications


PlantConnect platform provides a framework for data visualization. This is leveraged by each product based on the platform to give you rich dashboards, graphs and other visual elements that are designed as per business needs of particular product


PlantConnect platform provides a powerful ‘Report Builder’ module. Define and publish reports on the fly on raw data as well as processed data. Schedule reports and distribute automatically


PlantConnect platform provides integration capabilities on Edge as well as Enterprise side. Send data to PlantConnect from your IoT device using our Device API. Pull data into your visualization / analytics applications using our Data API.

We also provide robust framework for push / pull integration with Enterprise Systems like ERP, MES, CMMS, BI etc.

System Configuration

Any system is as good as its configuration. PlantConnect platform provides a user friendly configuration tool for setup of sites, devices, parameters and more. We provide product specific templates so you can do the configuration very quickly. You can add your own custom templates and use them repeatedly as your installation grows


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