EnviroConnect - Air Quality Monitoring | Stack Emissions


EnviroConnect is an IoT solution for Environmental Data Management for

  • Stack Emissions
  • Ambient Air Quality
  • Water Quality
  • ETP / STP output quality
  • Water Distribution and Utilization

Data from related equipment like weather stations, flow meters, level sensors, etc. is also acquired into the system. For off line analysers data from files and databases can be integrated into the system.

EnviroConnect fulfils all requirements for CPCB Connectivity & SPCB Connectivity

Compliant with Indian Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) Guidelines
Compliant with Middle East and South East Asian countries requirements for Stack Emissions & Air Quality Monitoring

Partner Network

We have largest Value Added Partner Network in India. They sell EnviroConnect along with their analysers and related hardware. Together we take care of all your Environment Data Management and Compliance needs

We also have partners in Middle East and South Korea


EnviroConnect has extensive library of device drivers and connectivity to most analysers, weather stations and related equipment in Indian market. Please check with us for details.

Typical Deployment


  • Data Acquisition from various analyzers / sensors
  • Real time data upload to PCB Server
  • Visualization – dashboards, trends, charts, real time data
  • Alarm Management and SMS alerts
  • Remote Calibration
  • Video Monitoring
  • Reports and Charts – standard, user defined

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