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PlantConnect Insights

PlantConnect Insights is a real time Data Managment and Reporting solution for Process Plants. It provides aggregation platform for reporting along with Historian. Thus it can be deployed as MIS System for Process Plants. 

Ready solution for Dairies and F&B industries
21 CFR Part 11 compliant solution for Pharma
  • Hardware neutral
  • Data aggregation from multiple sources
  • Handles Batch / Continuous production
  • Complete electronic records and audit trail

Functional Modules

Data Analytics

  • Powerful module for real time data processing and streaming analytics.
  • Define complex conditions / rules and process on every polling cycle.
  • Take variety of real time actions based on outcome
  • Extensive analytics on historical data with powerful tools for data aggregation, rollups, statistical analysis etc.
  • Pluggable modules to execute custom logic / algorithms.


  • Standard reports and charts for select domains
  • Custom reports and charts for other domains
  • Powerful Report Builder module. Define and publish reports on the fly on raw data as well as processed data.
  • Schedule reports and distribute automatically


  • Integration with ERP and other systems
  • PlantConnect Server API for third party device integration

All standard modules of PlantConnect platform are available in Insights. Please see the list here


Connectivity to assets and machines is the most important piece of IoT puzzle. PlantConnect Insights provides several options for connectivity.

RTDAS is our powerful data acquisition software which can connect to DCS / PLCs / HMIs / controllers / instruments / sensors. RTDAS runs on following hardware platforms allowing flexibility to choose the ‘RIGHT’ option -

DATCon, AIPL's Edge Device

Cisco iOX compliant routers to use network as Edge Device

Any Windows / Linux PC or Single Board Computer (SBC)

RTDAS supports several protocols prominent amongst them OPC DA, OPC UA, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, MTConnect, Ethernet/IP, Euromap63 and many more.

Typical Deployment


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