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PlantConnect SFactory

PlantConnect SFactory – Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 Solution

Every manufacturing setup is continuously striving to master the ‘Manufacturing Puzzle’. SFactory, a ‘Smart Factory’ solution based on AIPL’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platformPlantConnect® is your companion in this journey towards Smart Manufacturing.

Using SFactory, you can :

  • Connect to your manufacturing assets and get production and process data
  • Analyze and interpret data in real time
  • Take decisions closer to events
  • Compare performance against benchmarks
  • Monitor actions as well as improvements resulting thru the actions

Addressing your business challenges

Your Business Objectives come first! Your Business drives the Digital Strategy. So whether it is productivity improvement, downtime reduction, quality improvement, just-in-time maintenance, better management of consumables, utilities conservation or any others. PlantConnect SFactory is geared to address these challenges and deliver value.

SFactory Deliverables

Performance Monitoring

  • Monitor asset performance
  • Real-time KPIs like Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Improve quality and reduce rejections
  • Monitor critical parameters like cycle time

Predictive Maintenance

  • Predictive / condition based maintenance (CBM)
  • Do ‘just in time’ maintenance and prevent machine breakdown
  • Reduce machine downtime
  • Increase machine life

Energy Monitoring

  • Real time energy consumption analysis
  • Energy and asset performance correlation
  • Per product energy footprint
  • Tool for energy audit

All standard modules of PlantConnect platform are available in SFactory. Please see the list here


Connectivity to assets and machines is the most important piece of IoT puzzle. PlantConnect SFactory provides several options for connectivity.

RTDAS is our powerful data acquisition software which can connect to PLCs / HMIs / controllers / instruments / sensors. RTDAS runs on following hardware platforms allowing flexibility to choose the ‘RIGHT’ option -

DATCon, AIPL's Edge Device

Cisco iOX compliant routers to use network as Edge Device

Any Windows / Linux PC or Single Board Computer (SBC)

RTDAS supports several protocols prominent amongst them OPC DA, OPC UA, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, MTConnect, Ethernet/IP, Euromap63 and many more.

Typical Deployment

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